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Local advertising needs to work for you

As far as advertising a business is concerned there is not a one size fits all.  Different industries and services will be wanted by consumers at different times and in different ways.

Even businesses that do most of their selling remotely can benefit from local advertising as a way to boost sales.  Whilst those who operate face to face with their customers will definitely want the best option or options for local advertisement to compliment any online presence they have or plan to have.

Before planning an advertising campaign it is wise to first decide who your target audience is, once you have the demographic of your customer base you are well on the way towards selecting the most effective means of local advertising.

The aim of your advertising campaign is to raise awareness about your products and services, to attract customers and generate sales.  Regardless of whether you are trying to encourage new customers to an existing business, marketing a new product or launching a whole new service, there are many options to choose from.

Where to advertise?

In the Wellingborough area there are plenty of local advertising opportunities to choose from such as:


Over 12,000 copies are distributed every month and LiveLocal has an estimated readership of 55,000.  So, with advertising starting at £135 for 3 months.

The Northamptonshire Telegraph

They advise of a readership of 212,000 people in Northampton

The Wellingborough Friday Ad

The Friday Ad format offers easy DIY advertising using their online form.  A regular advertising feature in the Friday Ad will help get your company noticed.  The Friday Ad is also a good tool for recruitment.

In Your Vicinity Magazine

With a readership of 120,000 the magazine offers quarter page advertisements from £28.00 plus vat.

Close By Pro The Wellingborough Business Directory

Closeby.Pro offers free listing and membership.  The directory offers free listing with the options to images, links and reviews. They also have a fairly high search engine rating which will in turn boost your business ranking and possibly bring more targeted customers.

Council Designated Advertising Hoardings

The council has five designated sites that are used for advertising hoardings and it should be noted that these ‘Gateway Banner Sites’ are designed to provide publicity for local community, cultural and educational events and charities in Wellingborough.

However, they do give pricing for commercial advertising on the council website and commercial advertising is £200 + VAT.  Charity advertising is free.


An old method that works to support the other methods of advertising.  Carefully designed leaflets that give a good first impression of your business are a good way of getting your company into people’s consciousness.

Parish Magazines

A number of parish’s offer magazines for the local population. For example All Hallows/All Saints Together Magazine is distributed monthly and may be a good opportunity for local advertising.

Free listing online sites

Apart from the Wellingborough Business Directory there are a number of websites that offer free listings for service providers and businesses.  Because these are free they are worth considering, but it is prudent to research them a little first.

Google My Business Page

The Google Business Profile is free and helps businesses to connect with local customers across Google Maps and Google Search.

Social Media

As well as for a wider potentially global audience for your advertising, social media can be used as a useful tool for locally focussed adverting and networking to improve awareness of a brand.  To get the best from social media it is essential to manage it and keep it up to date.

Placing an advert is only part of the equation of a successful campaign.  Your business needs to stand out from the crowd; you need to sell your unique selling point (USP).  If you are the only company offering a service, say so.  If you get rave reviews say so.

Trusted sources

Word of mouth and recommendations are always a good way to attract new customers, but as you know that is often not enough on its own.  There is still importance in recommendations though, so if there is a local customer who is really happy with your products or services will they allow you to quote them?

Your local advertising should reflect the uniqueness of your company as well as what your happy customers have said about the company.

Because people generally trust their local newspaper, they also trust the businesses that advertise in the local paper.  Therefore local newspapers are a good place to start when looking for a useful tool for gaining local awareness, trust and business.

How to choose what is best?

Local advertising works.  However, just like broader online advertising it works best when you know your target demographic and target accordingly rather than blindly spending on advertising when there is a potential for a high percentage of the advertising budget not reaching the right target.  That is where using expert like us works for you to really target the right people.  We offer marketing carefully tailored to specific objectives and utilising search engine optimisation (SEO).

Using digital advertising platforms, social media and Google Business Page are all elements of advertising that needs to be managed well to work.  They must be kept current and interesting.  There are few things more off putting to potential customers than a business with a badly managed social presence.

Your successful advertising campaign needs to be targeted to the correct demographic. So when considering a campaign, take a look at all the local magazines, newspapers and other opportunities and work out which ones will resonate best with your target audience.  There is no point advertising in a magazine read mainly by older people if you are selling clothing aimed at teens.  Equally, you don’t want to be advertising in a teen magazine if you are providing living aids for pensioners.  It pays to take time to know your customer and to get to know your local advertising publications and online options and who their readership is.

Let’s talk

We provide free consultation service for our graphic design service in Wellingborough. So why not get in touch with us and discuss how we can work together to promote your business.