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Mobile App Development

Affordable mobile app developers

Developing a mobile app is one of the biggest opportunities your business has to build brand awareness and a loyal audience. Smartphones play such an integral role in our daily lives that people in the UK check their phone on average every 12 minutes of the waking day. We are rarely without them, which is why developing a mobile app could improve your customer experience and the number of conversions.

At Eelavan Design Studio, we are often asked by businesses looking to evolve with the increasingly- mobile-centric consumer base how a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app differ.

At first glance they can seem similar, but they have very different purposes. Desktop and static websites are aimed at attracting new clients who have discovered you and boosting your online presence. Mobile apps are ideal for user retention and engaging with clients. You can’t get much better brand awareness than a permanent presence on a customer’s home screen. Plus, they load quicker than websites and can be used offline.

Without a mobile app, you could be excluding a large group of potential customers who want to access essential services from their smartphone. This is of particular importance if you sell or planning to sell products and services online.

Mobile app development company in Wellingborough

Our team of iPhone and Android app developers who are locally based in Wellingborough have the expertise to build a bespoke app to your specifications that will help personalise interactions with customers.

One of the biggest requests we get at Eelavan is in-app payments for e-commerce. With a seamless checkout process either by using a native payment gateway (Apple / Android Pay) or a third party such as Stripe or Square payment gateway, we can implement friction-free checkout to buy both software as a service (SaaS) and physical goods.

Customers with physical stores benefit the most from geolocation, letting you know when customers are nearby so you can offer them discounts or coupons to encourage a visit. We can also include push notifications, which is a simple way of engaging with your customers but is one of the most effective ways of retaining them. The ability to combine this with A/B testing for your push notifications, or even for your user interface (UI) to gain further insights from your market to adapt quickly to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving environment.

We also build apps with analytics that will provide you with a wealth of data that you can use to further identify your customers’ needs and promote your products and services with pinpoint precision.

The power of bespoke mobile apps

As with any marketing spend, if you hire a mobile app developer you need to be confident in a good return on investment. The best mobile app developers will only build you what you need after a careful assessment of your business.

At Eelavan, we build mobile apps that suit your company and budget. Working with you, we will help you evaluate the impact a mobile app will have on your business. We will do this by analysing how an app will help you improve or simplify customer interactions, determining how it will increase sales and how will it boost customer loyalty. Once you are happy that an app will benefit your business, we would usually recommend launching a simplified app version to gauge interest.

With the data and feedback gathered,  we can help set app metrics goals so you can measure its success and look to continue developing the app for customers.

Let’s talk

We provide free consultation service for our mobile app development service in Wellingborough. So why not get in touch with us and discuss how we can work together to promote your business.