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Website Design

Making the right impression with a professional website design

A modern and responsive website is crucial when first impressions count. Here at Eelavan Design Studio, we know that the impact you make in those first few seconds can either keep a visitor on your page or turn them to a competitor.

By combining your target market knowledge and our web design expertise, we can together produce a highly-optimised and attractive website that will convert leads into sales. At Eelavan we believe collaboration between the website designer and client results in the best websites, maximising your online presence potential. As a result, all websites we produce are bespoke, created according to your budget and specific requirements, and responsive to give an optimised mobile experience to your visitors.

It is not unusual for our clients to give us the bigger picture and let our team to come up with the design, layout and the contents. Either ways our sole objective is to turn your ideas into a clean, user-friendly and professionally presented website.

A bright, modern and inviting design creates a positive user experience for visitors, helping to build their trust and familiarise themselves with your brand. Our experienced in-house designers have built dozens of websites across several different industries so whether it is an e-commerce website, business website or a personal website, we can bring your idea to life.

We know that there are no such things as one size fits all for websites. We have been creating websites for over a decade to understand that every client’s requirement is unique as they are.

The expert website designer near you

Building a professional looking website that’s easy for visitors to use is just as important to us at Eelavan as it is for our clients to run them.

Whether it’s a new website or a website redesign, we use the latest version of HTML5 as well open-source platforms like WordPress and Shopify so you can have complete control and flexibility over your online content.

Once we’ve built your new website, we’ll ensure everything is ready to go before handing over the virtual keys. This includes uploading the new website to your hosting provider and or providing you with the login details for the back-end access.

Most of our customers prefer for us to design, host and maintain their website, which is more convenient and cost-effective. However, if you need help maintaining your website, our customer support team is on hand when inspiration strikes and you want to make updates.

With our in-house team of graphic designers, we can ensure your new website is consistent with all your existing branding or even make it the first part in a company-wide redesign.

Websites with more than a pretty (type)face

A beautifully-designed website that is easy to navigate is all well and good, but did you know that the structure of a website plays a big role in search engine optimisation (SEO) and help your website to better rank on Google search?

This is where our multi-disciplinary approach at Eelavan Design Studio helps our customers’ website distinguish themselves from their competition. When search engines crawl a website, they are looking for hundreds of parameters in order to help determine whether this page or content is useful content for a particular search term.

Whether we are building a relatively simple personal website or a complex e-Commerce platform, ensuring the website’s foundations are optimised for search engines is part of our service. There’s a lot of choices around when it comes to website design and redesign services. By choosing Eelavan Design Studio, you’ll be safe in the knowledge your online presence is in the hands of experienced professionals who will give you the entire package.

Let’s talk

We provide free consultation service for our website design service in Wellingborough. So why not get in touch with us and discuss how we can work together to promote your business.