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We’re friendly web designers, near you

Settled between Northampton, Rushden and Corby, we operate from the heart of Northamptonshire and it is part of our mission to work with our local community to help them grow online. We know that as a digital service, you could source your web designer from anywhere, but we can tell you from our 10+ years experience in the industry, having a local agency will make a world of difference.

We are flexible in our approach and understand that our clients will have different budgets, requirements and targets. Whether you want us to design, host and maintain your website, or simply build one to hand over, we work tirelessly to get to know our Northamptonshire clients and ensure we provide a custom package. As a client, you can rely on our supporter care team, who are always available to seek solutions for any problems or talk through new ideas and trust in our expertise. If you are excited about transforming or building your website, please feel free to drop us a line for a free consultation.

We know what makes Rushden tick

Working within Northamptonshire means we understand the local community and it’s business needs. It means we know what makes your local target audience tick and how this will impact or shape the design of your website.

At Eelavan Design Studio, we go above and beyond to help create a custom website or webpage for your business or organisation. Once we’ve got to grips with your brand, needs and style, we can also support your business with it’s local SEO and digital marketing needs. Our SEO experts will help you reach out to your Wellingborough target audience by fine-tuning the local SEO on your pages and optimising your website’s ability to convert interest into purchase.

Live in Rushden, work with world-class web designers

From one succinct landing page to fully-fledged ecommerce sites, we work with a range of local businesses, organisations and startups to create exceptional websites. Whilst our sites strive to attract our Rushden neighbours, our engaging pages will also bring in clients from further afield. Having a clean, professional and user-friendly website will make it much easier to reach those audiences and bring your amazing products or services to a global audience. To help you communicate your brand, we have a team of in-house graphic designers to create bespoke graphics and visuals that bring your website to life.

6 benefits of professional website design

At Eelavan Design Studio, we’re committed to helping our local Rushden community grow online but understand that some local businesses or organisations might be hesitant to enlist a professional agency to help build or develop their website. Here are a few reasons why we believe professional web design is worth the investment.

1. It gives a good impression

As a business operating in the digital age, your website is the gateway to your brand both locally and globally. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you begin to design your site and if your design is not sleek or engaging enough, it’s likely to reflect on your business. At Eelavan Design Studio, we know how important those first few seconds are in captivating your audience and our remarkable design reflects this.

2. It gives your Northamptonshire business global exposure

Bringing your small business online creates a new, fantastic opportunity to connect with audiences outside your usual circles. Whatever the time-zone of your visitor, make sure that your bold and impactful website contains interesting graphics to help engage with these wider audiences. That’s why, our clients can make the most of our Wellingborough-based graphic design team to help elevate their brand’s story.

3. It makes your business accessible

Having a responsive and accessible website, in turn, makes your business accessible. Good web design will improve the users experience and your business’ chance of making a sale. At Eelavan Design Studio, our clients’ user-experience is our top priority.

4. It makes it Google-friendly with Eevalan SEO support

Many elements within the design of a website can influence how your site is picked up by search engines and without professional guidance, it can be difficult to tap into the world of SEO-optimisation and digital growth. We have over a decade of experience so if you decide to work with us you can be sure that our SEO support will help you tap into both local, Wellingborough-based audiences and global opportunities.

5. It builds trust

Something as simple as having a clean and responsive website can be an easy way to establish trust with prospective customers; it proves that your business is also dependable and professional. More than that, enlisting professional help when creating your website will mean you’re also building a trustworthy and secure website that your customers can rely on.

6. It lowers your Bounce Rate

A beautifully designed website and thoughtful SEO features that target your Wellingborough audience and beyond will lower your Bounce Rate. In fact, all of the above aspects combined, on a website built by a professional web design agency like Eelavan Design Studio, will lower your Bounce Rate! And ultimately, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your site increases the possibility of them purchasing your service or product.

Let’s talk

If we sound like the web design agency for your business, we can offer you a free consultation, simply drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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