Building an online presence starts with website design

Your website could be losing you huge amounts of business in seconds – literally.

When new users visit your website for the first time, it’s usually their first impression of your business. Making a positive impact immediately is vital as they will judge your company within seconds. Present potential new clients with an unappealing, outdated website that has long loading times and they are likely to give up and go someplace else. If you are driving lots of traffic to your pages but are suffering from low conversions and high bounce rates, it could be time for a website redesign.

At Eelavan, we believe the design of your website gives people a good insight into how you view your audience. If you have a substandard online presence, your audience will feel your customer service is similarly lacking.

Whether you are running an ecommerce website, business website or personal website, all of your hard work driving traffic to your domain could be undone by overlooking your website design.

Set the right impression with good web design

For example, if you searched ‘website designer near me’ and arrived here at Eelavan, the fact you are still reading this is a good sign we are giving off a good impression.

Investing in a bright, modern and inviting website redesign makes your audience feel more welcome visiting your page, helps build trust with them and creates a consistent brand feel. It will keep leads on your pages for longer, helps visitors familiarize themselves with your brand and ultimately increase conversions. Ensure your audience doesn’t struggle to find information. Technology has made us notoriously impatient in this society of immediacy.  Keep your navigation simple and self-explanatory to help users find the content they need quickly.

Don’t forget mobile. As the use of smartphones continues to rise, so does the demand for mobile websites. Make sure you are providing a consistent experience across devices.

But don’t stop there. Populate your redesigned website with relevant content on a timely basis and you will gain instant credibility in the eyes of potential customers throughout their decision-making process.

Web Design

At Eelavan, we know the importance of good website design is underlined by the prominent role it plays in search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engines like Google use teams of robots (known as crawlers or spiders) to find new and updated content on the web.

Website design is key to SEO

Many web design elements influence how content is published on a website, which in turn affects how search engines crawl and index it. It soon becomes clear how integral the design of your website is for your entire online branding strategy. With potentially so much at stake when a potential lead discovers your website for the first time, it is critical to have it technically and aesthetically at its best.

An old, outdated and low-quality website will lose you search ranking, traffic and a lot more.